What is The VOICE of Spirit?

The VOICE of Spirit offers transformative experiential workshops that utilize music and voice for holistic healing and self-growth. Discover your authentic, ever-evolving voice to unlock your fullest potential in relationships, work, health, and life!

Would you like to...

⚜️ Discover your authentic voice?

⚜️ Be seen and heard?

⚜️ Open, heal, and strengthen your throat chakra?

⚜️ Heal traumas through your voice?

⚜️ Find a best friend and support in your voice?

We host workshops and retreats in the Czech Republic, Italy, and beyond. Follow The Voice of Spirit Facebook group for more information."

How it works?

The voice is a mirror of your soul.

Your voice serves as a mirror to your soul. It reflects your subconscious beliefs about yourself and the unique world you've crafted through the stories you've experienced. Your voice is intricately connected to your physical, mental, and spiritual being, making it a powerful tool for self-development. It not only offers a rapid means to connect with your inner self but also an enjoyable one. Self-growth can be a joyful journey, and we're excited to share it with you."

Pictures and videos from our events

12.-16.10.2023 The Voice of Spirit in Italy, Sestri Levante

17.9.2023 The Voice of Spirit, JammClub in Prague

The Voice of Spirit in tee-pee (August 2023), the Czech Switzerland

Your feedback

The Voice of Spirit with Adri is an unforgettable experience. I haven't encountered many people with such exceptional talent, a kind and human approach, patience, and empathy like Adri. It truly leads to a transformative experience that inspires and guides you.

Among other things, I took away the empowering feeling that anything is possible. There's no need to be afraid and needlessly limit yourself. Your heart's desires must be fulfilled. I received incredible support from all the amazing women involved, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Together, we created a safe space that worked wonderfully, thanks to the unique qualities each of us brought. Once again, a massive thank you to the extraordinary Adri, the irreplaceable Péta, and all the incredible women who came together."


The Voice of Spirit challenged me. Initially, you have no idea why you're drawn to try and experience something; there's simply an attraction. During The Voice of Spirit workshop, I found myself pushed out of my comfort zone several times (who enjoys that, right?) - a significant step for me.

The experience with the voice can be truly transformative, enjoyable, and surprising. Under the guidance of Adriana, there's tremendous support, a unique approach, and a desire to help you grow. Petra, who was a very soothing and steady "anchor" for me, oversees it all.

In the end, I genuinely discovered the voice of my soul. This was an incredible experience that will resonate with me for a long time. It was powerful, liberating, filled with heart, and touching both to myself and everyone involved. We were all so courageous and unique. Thank you very much for that.


Everyone opened up to their own VOICE; it was fascinating to witness.

Hello Adri, I want to express my deep gratitude for allowing me to experience The Voice of Spirit. I initially enrolled in the half-day workshop somewhat by chance, seeking peace and relaxation. We had a wonderful group of women, each one of them truly exceptional!

Thanks to your gentle guidance and support, everyone gradually found their own voice within the intimate circle. It was captivating to observe. We had ample time to pause and explore the intriguing aspects that surfaced during our journey.

You possess the gift of sensing what lies beneath the surface of a voice and how it can be transformed. It's as if you embrace each of us with your kind heart. This experience not only brought me a sense of peace and relaxation but also ignited my anticipation for the next time."